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Musanze Caves Walk

Visiting Musanze Caves At Volcanoes National Park

Located at the foothills of Volcanoes National Park, the caves offer a peek into the geological history of the region, which was created by intense volcanic activity that formed the Albertine Rift Valley some 65 million years ago.

Extending for a length of two kilometers and relatively easy to hike, the underground caverns provide guests with a profound understanding of the origins of the area.

The Rwanda Development Board and Rwanda Defense Forces have provided access to the caves so adventurous holidaymakers can enjoy exploring them.

The floors of the cave are paved, while the trails have stairways and walkways in place to facilitate easy movement.

As you wander through the various subterranean areas, you can view intricate rock formations lit by pockets of soft sunlight, which filters through gaps in the ceiling.

You might also chance to encounter some of the Rwandan bat species that have taken up residence there.

Add a trip to the caves to your Rwanda safari itinerary and enjoy exploring this quiet, ethereal world with an expert guide accompanying you and a headlamp to light your way. You could also spend an afternoon here following your gorilla trek in the Parc National des Volcans.

Visiting Musanze Caves cost US$ 50 per person.

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