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Dian Fossey Grave Hiking In Rwanda

Dian Fossey’s Tomb Hike In Volcanoes National Park

Hiking to Dian Fossey Grave while on a gorilla safari in Rwanda is a tribute to her great work of saving these primates that you are able to come and see today.  This popular activity gives visitors to Volcanoes National Park an insight into the life of Fossey and gorilla conservation in the Virunga region. You will learn more about her interest in the gorillas and how over the years gorilla conservation picked on which later led to gorilla tourism.

This trek involves passing through the forest which offers beautiful views of many attractions. You have chances of sighting some forest animals like elephants, buffaloes, forest hogs, and several bird species.

You arrive at Dian Fossey house where she was mysteriously murdered in 1985 and later buried next to Digit her favorite gorilla friend. The gorilla graveyard has about 20 gorillas buried here that were killed either by poachers or by natural causes. The circumstances that led to Fossey’s murder still remain mystery but it’s believed that the murder could have happened due to the reason that she had devoted herself to see poaching come to an end and protect the gorillas.

Following her sad ending, Dian Fossey’s reputation and success continues, and her popular book Gorillas in the Mist was eventually made a film portraying her personal life and dealing with the gorillas you don’t want to miss to watch this.  This film shows how she was devoted in her work and truly it wasn’t in vain even with her death, her history still lives.

How Long Is The Dian Fossey Tomb Hike

The hike includes a 30-minute drive from the park headquarters to the trail head for access to the Karisoke test camp where tourists stroll to the park border for about 10 minutes.

Walking from the park boundaries to the Dian Fossey grave, takes approximately 1 to 2 hours

Is The Dian Fossey Hike Difficult

The hike is not as strenuous as hiking the Virunga volcanoes but it’s quite tiresome requiring one to be physically fit and committed.

It involves moving through the woods and climbing the hills, needing a degree of endurance and flexibility for one to be able to hike the steep slopes.

To ease the movements, travelers are also reminded to wear hiking boots to overcome the muddy and slippery grounds especially in the rainy season.

Similarly, dress in long trousers, which you will tack into stockings to prevent bites from ground insects and being hurt by stinging nettles.

How Much Is The Dian Fossey Grave Hike

To hike to Fossey’s grave; a visitor is expected to have a valid permit. Ironically, Dian Fossey Graveyard Hike has a relatively low cost of US$ 75 per person which is worth paying for compared to other activities such gorilla trekking which costs $1500 per person.

Travelers taking part in this hike can get the permits on the actual day of hiking at the Karisoke Research center.

The permit includes park fees and a guide (though you are responsible for your own transportation to/from the trailhead).

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